Chronic Care Management
Based on What is Important to You

Our Medicare and Medicare Advantage Plans Approved Program

Chronic Care Management consists of a Care Plan that is developed specific to your healthcare needs and goals.  Our support is coordinated through your physician's office and is based upon what you determine to provide the most benfit to you.

Think of it as having your own personal healthcare coordinator who contacts you each month, usually by phone. Support is therefore provided each month, filling a variety of needs between your physician appointments.

Remote Health Monitoring Devices may be provided to track your health conditions each day.  The electronic transfer of information to your physician's office picks up trends quickly and can provide alerts to the physician if your conditions change.

You determine the extent of support you wish to receive each month.

Examples of support include such activities as:

  • Insurance claims and co-pay support
  • Medication management
  • Coordination of appointments, labs, test --- across all of your providers
  • Questions for your care providers between appointments

Percent of Patients Who Would Recommend Program to a Friend:                  95%

Reduction in Hospitalizations in Program Participants:  

Why is Medicare Supporting This Program?

  • Proven success with over 900 healthcare organizations
  • Physicians are provided more in-depth information about patients' healthcare needs, goals, questions, and limitations
  • Increased patient involvement in developing their own care plans increases patient engagement, and improves health outcomes
  • Supports changes in patient health quicker, through monthly contacts and health tracking
  • Improves patient satisfaction with their healthcare as it becomes more personalized
  • Simplifies the coordination healthcare between all of a patient's providers
  • Provides dedicated resources to assist patients with insurance coverage issues and healthcare cost management
  • Care Coordinator becomes patient advocate and source of support tailored to the patient

What Will This Cost?

  • Original Medicare with supplemental coverages usually have no fees for this service
  • Medicare Advantage plans may have full coverage or limited co-pays

What are the Program Commitments?

  • Patients can start or stop the program at any time
  • Patients can determine the amount of time that they wish to contribute to the program

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